Morocco starts moving after a tragedy "baby ryan"And shocking numbers about unlicensed wells

Rabat (AFP) – 11/02/2022. 02:24

Morocco intends to carry out a comprehensive census of random wells after the tragedy of the child Rayan

  • A thousand fines annually for drilling unlicensed wells
  • A comprehensive inventory of random wells that may pose a public safety risk

intends Morocco, West, sunset Carrying out a comprehensive census of random wells that could pose a danger, according to what a government official said, following the tragedy of the child Rayan, who was pulled out of a well where he was stuck for five days, but died before that, in an accident that saddened the world.

Director of Research and Planning at the Ministry of Equipment and Water Abdelaziz Zerouali told MAP that the minister “given his strict instructions to the directors of the water basin agencies to carry out a comprehensive inventory of random wells that may pose a threat to public safety, in coordination with the local authorities.”

Based on the results of this census, it is expected that the hydrological basin agencies that manage water at the regional level, “send a warning to those concerned within reasonable deadlines to close or restore these wells, to avoid any danger to the public and animals,” he added.

In the event of their non-compliance, “the relevant water basin agency will carry out the filling process at the expense of the violator, with the possibility of prosecution,” according to the same source.

The government official stated that the water basin agencies record about 1,000 violations annually by digging unlicensed wells.

But the authorities do not have statistics on all unlicensed wells, he added.

Morocco begins to act after the tragedy of "Child Rayan"... and shocking numbers regarding unlicensed wells
Moroccans at the funeral of five-year-old child Ryan Oram in the village of Igrane in the Chefchaouen province. AFP

bye ryan

On Monday, Morocco bid farewell to the five-year-old child at a funeral in the village of Igran in the north of the kingdom, as he accidentally fell into a dry well 32 meters deep. He was only released after a complex operation that lasted five days, amid intense anticipation in Morocco and abroad.

And his recovery from his dead left a wave of grief and sorrow in various parts of the world.

The media, coinciding with his funeral Monday, warned of the danger still posed by unguarded wells in many rural areas, calling on the authorities to take urgent measures to avoid similar tragedies.

In turn, Istiqlal Party (loyalist) MP Noureddine Madian called for the need to “stop randomly digging wells (…), especially during periods of drought”, according to what the local Hespress website quoted on Monday.

For his part, the spokesman for the parliamentary opposition blocs, Abdel Rahim Shahid, warned on the same website of the “lack of strictness in implementing the laws related to filling in unused wells.”

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