Morocco.. Two meters separate the rescue teams from Rayan

According to Moroccan media, the rescue teams are two meters away from the 5-year-old child Rayan, who fell into a well near his home in the Tamrout Center, near Chefchaouen, last Tuesday.

Hespress, a Moroccan online journalist, quoted an official source as saying that “the rescue teams are separated by only two meters to reach the child Rayan.”

According to Heshpress, the source, who occupies a high-ranking mission in the Prefecture of Chefchaouen, stressed that the rescue teams for the child Rayan were able to dig 3 meters manually until 4:00 am local time, and only two meters remained to reach the child.

Earlier, the official in charge of drilling operations confirmed to Sky News Arabia that only 3 meters separated the rescue teams from the child Ryan, who fell into a deep well.

Said Adkoog added, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, that drilling operations continue horizontally to reach the child, noting that it is not possible to specify a specific time to remove Rayan from the well.

The Moroccan official confirmed that the process of digging for one meter takes about an hour, stressing that the rescue teams are working with specialists in topographic engineering and technical teams, and are keen on Rayan’s safety to prevent erosion in the soil.

Moroccan media had said that a partial rocky crevice halted the manual digging process to save the child Rayan from the well he fell into.

As for the child’s health condition, Adcoj confirmed that the child is still alive and that the place where he fell is being supplied with oxygen, and that the specialized civil protection team is continuously monitoring the child’s condition through a camera installed in the place.

Medical and nursing staff are on standby to transport the child via an equipped helicopter as soon as he is removed from the bottom of the well.

The child Rayan had fallen into a narrow well near his house, in a village not far from the city of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, which is about 500 km from the capital Rabat, where he has been stuck for 4 days, without knowing whether he suffered from fractures or serious injuries as a result of His fall into the well, in a story that took the breath of millions of people in the world.

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