On the anniversary of Belaid’s assassination, protesters recall the involvement of the “Tunisia Brotherhood”

The participants in the march demand that all those involved in the assassination of Chokri Belaid be held accountable, denounce the policy of impunity, call for accountability, and other demands.

The protesters raised several slogans, such as “Oh Ghannouchi, oh butcher, oh killer of spirits”, “certain, sure, Ghannouchi was killed on Eid”, “Alive, Alive, Shukri is alive in us.”

President Kais Saied had confirmed, during his visit to the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior, on Saturday evening, that “the file of the martyr Chokri Belaid has been tampered with by some judges.”

Since the arrival of the Brotherhood’s Ennahda movement to power after the events of 2011, Tunisia has witnessed a wave of terrorist operations and political assassinations that it had never seen before.

Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi were among those whose voices were raised under the dome of Parliament and in the Tunisian street in a strong campaign against the “Brotherhood” group’s overreach and its threat to the modern civil state.

During the period that witnessed the assassinations, Ennahda dominated the Ministry of Justice (2013-2014) along with the Ministry of the Interior, when the Minister of Justice, Noureddine El-Beheiry, dismissed 82 judges and empowered others loyal to the movement.

These measures provoked many human rights organizations in Tunisia and abroad. Human Rights Watch described the dismissal as “unfair and arbitrary” and considered it a dangerous precedent that threatens the independence of the judiciary.

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