Portugal eases restrictions on travelers with European health certificates

Lisbon (AFP) – 07/02/2022. 08:57

Relaxation of restrictions on travelers in Portugal

  • They are not required to submit a negative corona test
  • Portugal has imposed negative tests on arrivals since the beginning of December

relax Portugal On Monday, restrictions imposed on arrivals who hold a European health certificate, especially in terms of not requiring them to submit a test covid_19 Negative to enter the country, according to a decision published Sunday.

Passengers who hold a “Digital Covid Certificate issued in the European Union” or any “recognized certificate of vaccination” will be exempted from presenting a negative test upon arrival in the country, according to the decision.

the government.

The EU-issued COVID-19 digital certificate certifies either you received the vaccine, tested negative, or recovered from COVID-19 less than six months ago.

Submit negative tests.

Similar to other European countries, Portugal has imposed since the beginning of December on arrivals over 12 years old, even vaccinated ones, to submit negative tests to enter the country.

This new government decision follows European recommendations aimed at better harmonizing the rules applicable to movement within the European Union and avoiding restrictions on European health certificate holders.

Some states have done to counter outbreaks of the new mutated omicron.

On the other hand, the validity period of the rapid test in Portugal has been reduced from 48 to 24 hours, according to a decision announced by the government on Thursday.

Portugal, like most other countries around the world, is experiencing a sharp rise in daily infections associated with the Omicron. On Saturday, more than 41,000 injuries were recorded in 24 hours, and 44 deaths.

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