Possible Russian cyber attacks targeting banks in Europe and Washington

Berlin (Reuters) 02/09/2022 12:46

Warnings of Russian cyber-attacks targeting banks

  • Possible Russian-sponsored cyberattack amid rising tensions over Ukraine
  • On alert in anticipation of cyber-attacks on banks from Russia
  • Retaliatory cyberattacks in the event of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the imposition of US sanctions

European Central Bank warned Banks From a possible Russian-sponsored cyberattack as tensions escalate over Ukraine as it prepares Europe The financial repercussions of any conflict, according to two well-informed sources.

The two sources added that the European Central Bank, headed by former French Minister Christine Lagarde and who supervises Europe’s largest banks, is on alert in anticipation of cyber-attacks on banks from Russia.

The New York Department of Financial Services issued an alert to financial institutions in late January, warning of retaliatory cyber attacks should Russia invade Ukraine and impose US sanctions, according to Reuters’ regulatory information department.

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