Post-Corona syndrome .. a “serious impact” on sexual health

The scientific conference estimated this percentage at about 15 percent of patients recovering from the Corona virus.

During the tenth conference of the Egyptian Urological Research Association, a group of specialized Egyptian doctors studied the latest international developments in this field, including modern Egyptian medicines and treatments that represent the magic solution for those who suffer from impotence.

official interest

The Egyptian President’s Adviser for Health and Prevention Affairs, Mohamed Awad Taj El-Din, participated in the conference activities.

Taj El-Din told Sky News Arabia that there is interest from the state in the role of scientific medical societies in contributing to the development of the country’s health system, especially in the areas of research and diagnosis, pointing to the development of guidelines for urologists for the first time in the Middle East.

The honorary president of the Egyptian Urological Research Association, Rafik El-Halabi, says that a sector of people infected with the Corona virus later suffer from sexual weakness, such as problems related to weak sperm, the main element in reproductive processes.

Al-Habi added in an interview with “Sky News Arabia” that these complications are temporary in most cases, and then the recovering person returns to normal again, but this matter varies from person to person.

Al-Halabi explains that the duration of “sexual weakness” for those recovering from corona varies according to the severity of the infection; If it is simple, the suffering lasts from a week to 3 weeks, and if it is severe, it may last for months among the diseases or symptoms called “post-corona syndrome”.

On the cause of “impotence” problems after infection with the virus, the honorary president of the Egyptian Urological Research Association says that some cases are caused by actual health problems left by the virus and due to a type of depression, noting that this is frightening for some, but there are medical interventions to confront it to the stage of recovery.

effect of vaccines

Ayman Rashid, Professor of Urology, Andrology and Infertility at October 6 University, stated that it has not yet been proven that corona vaccines have a negative impact on the reproductive health of men or women.

In an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, the professor of andrology and infertility advised anyone who wants to have children to get anti-viral vaccines to avoid infection.

He said that in some people, infection with corona affects semen, the number, movement and shape of sperm, and has effects that may extend to the “erectile capacity” of men.

And he explains that not everyone who gets infected with “Covid-19”, which is caused by the Corona virus, is exposed to these problems.

He said, “There are no scientific studies so far that determine the size of these injuries, but from practical experience, they are estimated at 10 to 15% of patients infected with corona.”

Effect “Omicron”

The professor of urology continues, “Some people have problems related to chest diseases, others in the intestines and diarrhea, and others are affected by sexual and reproductive health in the post-Covid-19 recovery stage.”

Rashid expects that the negative impact of corona on sexual and reproductive health will decrease with the new modifiers such as “Omicron”, and he reassures patients that treatments are available, and that the sooner a doctor is resorted to, the easier and faster the return to normal will be.

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