Privileges and incentives..Egyptian solutions to face the emigration of doctors

The crisis of the “Corona” pandemic showed the extent of the numerical shortage of medical staff in Egypt, which necessitated urgent interventions to establish privileges and incentives that would encourage doctors to continue in Egyptian hospitals.

According to the data of the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the number of medical school graduates is about 9,000 doctors annually, while more than 60 percent of Egyptian doctors work outside the country, most of them in Gulf countries.

The head of the Public Authority for Health Care and Assistant Minister of Health in Egypt, Ahmed El-Sobky, described the file of doctors’ emigration as “very important,” adding that with the expansion of the comprehensive health insurance system, this matter will vanish.

Al-Sobky said, in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that the doctor in Egypt is looking for three things: material appreciation, moral appreciation, training and continuing medical education, and if they are present, he will feel a great improvement.

He pointed out that the Health Care Authority seeks to provide the appropriate financial incentive for doctors with instructions from the political leadership to reconsider the wage schedules, and this is what happened in the governorates in which the comprehensive health insurance worked by raising the wages of medical staff significantly in proportion to their work.

He stressed that the moral appreciation is now present in Egypt for all medical staff, especially after the “Corona” pandemic, which confirmed their great humanitarian role, and this is what we saw from President Sisi’s great appreciation for doctors and saluting them all the time, and this did not exist before that.

Regarding continuous medical development, Al-Sobky pointed out that the Health Care Authority is constantly coordinating with the Egyptian fellowships and universities in Egypt for the continuation of medical education for doctors. In order to ensure that there is training within the health facility.

Reasons for emigration

In turn, Ihab El-Taher, a member of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate Council, said in statements to “Sky News Arabia”, that the Syndicate has noticed an increase in the rate of emigration of Egyptian doctors abroad in recent years, as expectations indicate that about 60 percent of the doctors registered in the Syndicate’s lists They left their job and traveled abroad to work in Arab or foreign countries.

Al-Taher stressed that the emigration of doctors is causing a widening gap in the number of health service providers in the country, especially in some delicate specialties.

He mentioned that there are a number of factors that contribute to the increase in physician emigration. On top of this is the low government wages that do not meet the needs of doctors and they are forced to work in private hospitals for more hours, which places a great burden on them, as well as the repeated attacks on medical staff inside hospitals by the patients’ families.

Al-Taher clarified that doctors are held accountable in cases of medical errors under the Penal Code, pointing to the urgent need to pass the medical responsibility bill in a way that preserves the right of the doctor and the right of the citizen in a scientific way.

The Egyptian parliament is still debating the medical responsibility bill, amid calls for its speedy approval.

The law regulates cases of compensating patients in cases of medical errors. It also protects the doctor in the event of a medical error for an indirect cause. It also prohibits the provisional detention of doctors, except in cases of felonies.

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