Referral of an Egyptian businessman to the criminal court on charges of human trafficking

According to the Public Prosecution’s statement, the accused sexually assaulted seven child girls with force and threats, with the testimony of thirteen witnesses, the statements of the victims’ girls, an examination of Al-Amin’s phone, and what was proven by the reports of forensic medicine, the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and the Psychological and Social Research of the Ministry of Solidarity.

The investigations had ended with the accused harboring the victim girls in a home he had established for orphans, exploiting their weakness, need and authority over them with the intent of sexually exploiting them.

The testimony of the thirteen witnesses was between what was testified by the female students in the same house, and what was testified by the investigators at the General Department for Combating Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking at the Ministry of Interior, as well as the testimony of psychological researchers, social workers, the judicial control officer at the Ministry of Social Solidarity, as well as a forensic doctor and consultants In psychiatry, and director of the (Missing Children) page on the Facebook social networking site.

The victim girls decided the details of the abuse they were subjected to from the accused, and checking his phone resulted in accessing a number of his photos with the victims, and proving his daily presence in the home where the incident occurred on successive days. Some of the victim girls told him about the details of what they had been exposed to.

The reports of the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood, and the psychological and social research reports from the specialists of the Ministry of Solidarity proved that the victims suffered from psychological disorders as a result of the attacks inflicted on them by the accused.

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