Renewed battles in Marib, and the Houthi militia suffers great losses

Marib (news now) – 02/08/2022. 00:05

Yemen..Houthi militia incurs heavy losses in Marib

On Monday, the battles resumed on a number of battle fronts in the province MaribAmid heavy losses in the ranks of the Iranian-backed Houthi militia, the Yemeni army and the resistance.

A military source said that the southern front of the province witnessed violent battles between the army and resistance forces on the one hand, and the Iranian militia on the other, during which the militia sustained heavy losses in equipment and lives.

The battles on the southern front coincided with the intensification of the battles on the northwestern fronts of the governorate, during which the heroes were able to kill and wound dozens of militia members, recover an armored vehicle in Raghwan district, and capture its crew.

Meanwhile, the fighters of the Coalition to Support Legitimacy launched a series of air raids targeting several sites and mechanisms of the Houthi militia on various fighting fronts, causing great losses in equipment and lives.

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