Revealing new details about the “Brotherhood” octopus in Tunisia

With the ninth anniversary of one of the crimes committed by the group, with the assassination of the militants: Chokri Belaid and Hajj Mohamed Brahmi, the Belaid Defense Committee revealed, during a press conference, Wednesday, February 9, the involvement of some names in the assassination file and its cover-up..

The commission indicated that a criminal complaint was submitted to the permanent military court in Tunisia against Rashid Ghannouchi, Judge Bashir Al-Akrami, Mansour Rashid, Najah Hajj Latif, and security leaders, including Wahid Toujani, Mehrez Zouari, Mustafa Ben Omar, Atef El Amrani and Al-Azhar Longo, against the background of spying crimes. Putting oneself under the custody of a foreign country and crimes of money laundering.

It also confirmed the existence of a secret financial device related to Ghannouchi and his money laundering, accompanied by his son, Moaz, in addition to accusing him of communicating with foreign parties in order to spy on and attack Tunisia..

On Thursday, it stated that a protest sit-in will be organized in front of the Supreme Judicial Council, which it considered a “blind council of the judiciary”, in addition to a protest on Friday in front of the Court of Appeal, and a third protest in front of the headquarters of the head of the Ennahda movement.“.

A member of the commission, Faten Hanawi, said that Judge Bashir Al-Akrimi is accused before the financial and economic judicial pole for his relationship with the secret and financial apparatus of the head of the “Ennahda” movement, Rashid Ghannouchi..

And it stated that the military judiciary is in the process of tracking Al-Akrimi for “crimes of treason and espionage, and to stop and disrupt the wiretapping activities that would have revealed his involvement in the crimes of political assassinations.”“.

For his part, Professor Katheer Boualak accused the head of the Supreme Judicial Council of obstructing the progress of the case of the secret service, and said: The head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Youssef Bouzakher, instructed the Public Prosecutor to reject the request of the Minister of Justice to conduct research in the secret apparatus of the Ennahda movement.“.

And he indicated that the accusations were directed against 26 people in the secret service, and only 10 people were referred, and no investigation was opened against 10 people, including the movement’s leader, Rached Ghannouchi..

In turn, a member of the defense team, Lawyer Reda Radaoui, revealed that there is a person called “Najeh Hajj Latif” who is one of Ghannouchi’s hidden arms. Before the revolution, he was an agent for a company active in the field of textiles in Tunis..

He explained that “he was using the company’s electronic account to manage the total suspicious financial relations with the leaders of the Ennahda movement,” noting that they have documents to prove this, and that the aforementioned person uses two financial accounts abroad, and stated that the amounts exceed $15 million, he said..

He added that Ghannouchi is selling Tunisian blood in battles alongside ISIS in Syria and Libya, describing the Ennahda movement as a “political dregula.”“.

He emphasized that Ennahda sabotaged its rival parties, destroyed all its competitors, and spied on them and their internal documents.

For his part, the Dean of Lawyers, Ibrahim Bouderbala, sent a letter to the judges, calling on them to assume their full responsibilities in the case file of the assassination of Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi, in order to find out who decided, planned and executed the two assassinations, as well as the assassinations that were committed against the armed forces and security elements..

Bouderbala appreciated the work of the defense committee, and said that the entire country is awaiting what will lead to the follow-up in the Belaid and Brahmi case, considering that the issue represents an important turning point for the political future of Tunisia.

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