Russia withdraws hundreds of mercenaries from Libya

Libya (news now) – 07/02/2022. 11:58

Russia did not send a new batch of Syrian mercenaries to Libya

  • Hundreds of Syrian fighters were working for Haftar’s militia
  • Wagner mercenaries reached 300 Syrian fighters

The local Syrian network, As-Suwayda 24, confirmed that hundreds of Syrian militants and whom it had recruited Russia To work as mercenaries for Haftar’s militias in Libya

They returned last Thursday to Syria after staying about 7 months on Libyan soil.

According to the network, the remarkable thing is that Russia did not send a new batch of Syrian fighters to Libya this time, contrary to what is usual.

As-Suwayda indicated that it was customary to send a new battalion of Syrian fighters to Libya, and subject them to a training course, before withdrawing the elements whose missions had ended, to be replaced by the new ones.

The network quoted private sources, that Russia withdrew on Thursday the members of the 42nd Brigade, which was stationed in the Jufra region in Libya, and returned them through Benghazi airport in eastern Libya to the Hmeimim base in Syria.

According to the network, the number of members of the battalion is about 300 Syrian fighters, who spent their period of service in the Libyan desert, as guards for facilities controlled by Russia.

The Russian “Wagner” mercenaries had recruited hundreds of Syrian youths to fight in Libya alongside Khalifa Haftar’s militias.

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