Salah dreams of his first title with Egypt .. and reveals the scenes of his dialogue with Mane

Yaounde (AFP) – 06/02/2022. 16:38

Mohamed Salah dreams of his first title with his country

Egyptian superstar Mohamed Salah seemed intent on testing thisspecial feelingby winning a title African Nations CupAccording to what he said on Saturday evening, on the eve of the final match of the thirty-third edition of the continental championship hosted by Cameroon.

and getting ready Salah And his companions to face Senegal, which includes teammate in Liverpool, Sadio Mane, with the ambition of leading the Pharaohs to their first title a year ago. 2010 And the eighth in their history.

Salah will be motivated to the maximum to bypass Senegal and win the continental title for the first time, since the Liverpool star started his career with the national team in 2011 That is, after the coronation of the third in succession and the last seventh of the Pharaohs.

Salah said on the eve of the final scheduled for the stadiumOlympic Stadiumin Yaounde: ”It’s very special to win a title with your country. I won the Champions League in a year 2019 With Liverpool it was a great feeling. I won the English Premier League title with my team in one year 2020 After he missed 30 general. I won in Switzerland with Basel and I won everywhere, and I also want to experience that feeling by winning my first title with my country..

He followed the Reds’ top scorer: ”How special would that be. I’m so excited and everyone’s ready for it. I hope we can win him the title.

Although he reached the final on two occasions, the last of which was in the last year’s edition 2019Senegal did not win the continental title, unlike its Egyptian counterpart, who holds the record for the number of times crowned with a score 7 nicknames.

Salah dreams of his first title with Egypt .. and reveals the scenes of his dialogue with Mane
Part of the Pharaohs’ training in preparation for the final. Source: AFP

Salah reveals what happened between him and Sadio Mane

The confrontation between Salah and his colleague in the ranks of the Reds, Sadio Mane, grabs the greatest interest in Sunday’s confrontation, and about that, the Egyptian star said: ”It’s great to play against Senegal as a team, and also against Sadio. We will be opponents and after the match we will be teammates again.

The two met briefly in Cameroon, specifically at the Ahmedou Ahidjo stadium in Yaounde, after Egypt’s quarter-final victory over Morocco. 2-1 After the extension, before Senegal beat Equatorial Guinea 3-1 In the same round, because the two matches were played on the same stadium.

Mane starred in that match, despite being hit on the head in the final price against Cape Verde.

Salah dreams of his first title with Egypt .. and reveals the scenes of his dialogue with Mane
Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. Source: AFP

Salah revealed what transpired between them, saying:: ”We spoke for a while after the Morocco match. We saw each other and I was reassuring about the injury he sustained to his head. I said I hope we meet in the final and have a good match.

Salah also denied what was said that fatigue might affect the Egyptians, who needed penalty kicks to beat both Ivory Coast in the final price and host Cameroon in the semi-finals, as well as playing two additional games to beat Morocco in the quarter-finals..

The leader of the pharaohs stressed: ”It’s final.. No one will think of feeling tired. If we think of feeling tired, we will remember the people of Egypt and think of their happiness.

. added: ”We train well, recover well, eat well, and sleep well. Everyone is happy, physically ready and excited. If we have to go through 120 minute, we’ll do it. And if we have to go to 360 A minute, we’ll do it. Whatever it takes, we will do it.

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