Saudi Arabia .. Launching the first site to recover from addiction to watching pornography

Riyadh (chaste website) 02/09/2022 16:32

Saudi Arabia faces porn

  • Addiction to pornographic sites .. causes social, psychological and health damages.
  • The Saudi program “Affah” challenges those addicted to watching pornographic sites to recover within two months.
  • One porn site recorded more than 42 billion visits in 2019.

The first site to recover from addiction to watching “pornographic sites” was launched in Saudi Arabia Kingdom Saudi Arabia And the Arab Gulf, with a self-help mechanism within two months, according to what the director of the “Program” program revealed.chastitySaud Al-Hassani.

Al-Hassani explained that Location It includes specialized psychological models to help get rid of the problem of pornography, including the “Ten Steps” program, and the launch of the women’s recovery model within about a month.

Speaking to local media in Saudi Arabia, he explained that “pornography is a problem that affects human values, psychological health, productivity and giving, as the damages of pornography relate to social, health, psychological and societal aspects, such as harassment and violence.”

According to Al-Hassani, one porn site recorded more than 42 billion visits in 2019.

The director of the “Effah” program pointed out that “a specialist in psychiatry and sexual addiction developed 10 signs that define the problem of sexual addiction, including the formation of a pattern of loss of control over behavior, and obsession with sexual fantasies as a means of coping.”

Basic with pressure.

Regarding the period of time that an addict of pornographic sites needs to recover, Al-Hassani stated, “It depends on the duration of the past addict’s viewing, the quality and intensity of the scenes, and the length of the viewing period, as it varies from person to person.”

The Chastity Program is a psychological counseling program that was launched in 2019, with the initiative of the annual Chastity Challenge for the year 1443 AH, with a systematic model for those wishing to get rid of the problem of porn addiction, and is based on 3 axes: cognitive behavioral therapy,

Spiritual therapy and a safe support environment.

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