Saving the child Ryan .. Why was there no news about his health?

And last Thursday, videos of the child Rayan spread, and he actually appeared to be still moving slightly, which raised hopes for his release while he was still alive, in a village in the Chefchaouen region, in the north of the Kingdom.

By Friday, the images obtained through a camera that were downloaded to Rayan’s site, at a depth of about thirty meters, had receded, while the circulation of a video of the child had sparked several criticisms due to the violation of the privacy of the youngster while he was in a critical situation.

And press reports in Morocco said, on Saturday afternoon, quoting sources in the rescue squad, that there are no more recent photos of Rayan, because his face is no longer on the opposite side of the camera, “this rotation impeded the monitoring of indicators of his health.”

And the Moroccan website, Hespress, quoted a member of the committee tracking the rescue of Rayan that was formed in the province of Chefchaouen, Abdel Hadi Al-Thamrani, that the child monitoring cameras spotted him lying on his side.

The source added that the rescue teams are separated by one meter and eighty centimeters only to reach the child Ryan, who enjoys wide sympathy in the world.

Al-Thamrani added that the rescue teams for the child Rayan managed to dig 4 meters manually, until around ten o’clock in the morning local time (Greenwich + 1), with 180 centimeters remaining to reach the target.

Earlier, an official in the rescue team told reporters that the horizontal excavation process is taking place with great caution, to avoid any collapse, especially that the soil is very fragile, explaining that removing a stuck rock from the excavation site, on Saturday morning, required about three hours.

It is estimated that the remaining horizontal excavation work is no more than two meters, which is said to require about two or three hours for completion, according to Moroccan media.

complex process

Attempts to save the child Rayan began at the beginning of the crisis, through the disembarkation of people practicing what is known as Istighwar, but the narrow diameter of the well prevented them from reaching the stranded child.

The child Ryan fell to a depth of more than 30 meters, while the volunteers could not descend more than 20 meters, and because of this stumbling, rescue efforts focused on an alternative plan.

According to the approved plan, the rescue teams built a large hole parallel to the place where the child Ryan fell, and upon reaching the depth in which it is located, a horizontal excavation was started.

But the fear of landslides prompted the rescue teams to use wide supports, tubes and cylinders to protect those working in the rescue, in addition to taking out the child Ryan, without endangering him.

The operation to rescue the child Ryan is taking place, amid follow-up in Morocco and abroad, while large crowds gathered around the scene, amid calls for people to stand up to let the workers focus on their plan.

A helicopter is stationed at the scene of the accident, which is equipped with the necessary resuscitation equipment, in order to transport the child Ryan to the hospital as soon as aid workers manage to get him out.

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