Seizure of logistical materials for ISIS terrorist organization north of Baghdad

Baghdad (news now) 02/09/2022 19:26

The 59th Brigade’s intelligence seizes logistical support materials for the terrorist organization ISIS

  • Three barrels filled with usable food were found
  • The Director of Military Intelligence is always directed to maintain the momentum against ISIS terrorist gangs

Today, Wednesday, the Directorate of Military Intelligence in Iraq announced the seizure of logistical support materials belonging to the terrorist organization ISIS The terrorist north of Baghdad.

The directorate said in a statement, “After receiving accurate intelligence information from the 59th Brigade’s intelligence department about the presence of logistical support materials for gangs.” ISIS terrorist.

The barrel that contained the food

The statement of the Military Intelligence Directorate added that “three barrels filled with usable foodstuffs were found.”

This comes at a time when the security forces are continuing their military operations to purify and pursue terrorist gangs of the “ISIS” terrorist organization in several provinces north of Baghdad.

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