Setting a date for the funeral of the child Ryan

Morocco (AFP) – 07/02/2022. 14:15

The funeral of the child Ryan will be held this afternoon after the prayer

  • This morning, work was carried out to prepare the perimeter of the cemetery of Zawiya, located about 6 kilometers from Igran
  • Since the sad news was announced, messages of solidarity and sympathy have been issued by state leaders, official officials and the Pope of the Vatican

Morocco bids farewell to the child Rayan, who was pulled dead from a well in which he was stuck for five days in a tragedy that shook the world. His funeral is expected in the village of Igran, which was the scene of the accident in the north of the kingdom.
The funeral service is expected to take place after noon prayers on Monday, according to AFP correspondents.
This morning, work was carried out to prepare the perimeter of the Zawiya cemetery, located about 6 kilometers from Igran in this mountainous area, to receive the mourners, amid the intense presence of local authorities officials.
The child’s body was taken to the military hospital in Rabat after being taken out of the well, according to one of his relatives, and it is likely that he underwent a medical autopsy.
After the tragedy of five-year-old Rayan held his breath during the days that took a complex process to reach him, his recovery left a wave of sadness and sorrow in Morocco and the world.
– ‘The world cries Ryan’ –

baby ryan
A view of the site where rescuers yesterday retrieved the body of baby Ryan

The website of the first Moroccan TV channel summarized the situation, commenting, “The world is crying Rayan, the fall of a child reminded millions of humanity.”
A Moroccan commentator on Facebook described him as a child who “blew up feelings of affection and sympathy between peoples.”
Since the sad news was announced, messages of solidarity and sympathy have been issued by state leaders and official officials in several countries and by the Pope of the Vatican, as well as a series of posts on social media by bloggers, sports celebrities and artists from the Arab world and abroad.
In an indication of the great affected by this tragedy, the announcement of the death of the child was issued by the Royal Court on Saturday evening.
The court said in a statement that Moroccan King Mohammed VI offered his condolences to the parents of the child Rayan in a phone call “after the tragic accident that claimed his life.”
In two brief statements to the media, his parents were keen to thank all those who stood by them, comforting themselves, “Praise be to God, this is our destiny.”
Since Rayan fell into the well, “they have not been able to eat anything under the shock of the shock,” according to what their relative, Hisham Agaouk, told AFP.
On Sunday, he added, “There was a terrible silence in the village this morning (…) I eagerly waited to get him out, and everyone was praying for him.”

baby ryan
People stand near the site where rescuers yesterday recovered the body of baby Ryan

In turn, the family’s neighbor, Munir Adbib, said, “I could not sleep for five days. I have a son of Rayan’s age. Every time I see him, I remember him (…) and every time I try to close my eyes, I see a picture of him stuck in a well. I am very sad.”
Meanwhile, on Sunday, the authorities began work to fill in the well in which the child accidentally fell, as well as the tunnel, whose construction required a strenuous effort to reach it, according to AFP correspondents.
In addition to expressions of sympathy and sadness, other comments on social media called for taking advantage of the momentum left by this tragedy to think about “rescuing tens of thousands of innocent children from the well of the absurd war in Yemen, and tens of thousands of children in Syria,” as the Egyptian novelist Youssef Zeidan wrote on Facebook. .
For his part, another blogger called on Twitter to use this opportunity “to think about the approximately 18,000 children who die every day of starvation.”
While a Moroccan commentator condemned “several other unguarded wells that unfortunately still exist,” calling on the authorities to “address this serious problem.”

baby ryan
Fear of landslide was a major reason for delaying the rescue operation

Rescue teams took baby ryan Five days to get to the baby because she first had to dig a deep fissure and then a horizontal tunnel. Its progress slowed down significantly due to the nature of the soil, as some layers are rocky and others sandy.
On Tuesday, Rayan accidentally fell into a dry well, 32 meters high and narrow, the bottom of which is difficult to reach, dug near the family’s home.
Ambulance teams entered from a horizontal gap on Saturday afternoon, which was dug centimeter by centimeter, and their personnel dug with their hands to avoid any landslide.
“It was a risky adventure, but I still hoped to find him alive,” said Ali Sahraoui, who participated in the excavation.
Rescue teams also sent oxygen and water through tubes and bottles to Ryan without making sure he could use it.
Thousands of sympathizers rushed to the site to express their solidarity, and they stayed for days in this mountainous sector of the Rif, at an altitude of about 700 meters.
This incident is reminiscent of a similar tragedy that occurred in early 2019 in Andalusia (Spain), where the two-year-old Julien died after falling into a well 25 centimeters in diameter and more than 100 meters deep. His body was recovered after an exceptional operation that took 13 days.

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