Sexual abuse disrupts Parliament in Australia… and harsh criticism of the Prime Minister

Sexual assault survivors in Australia blame ‘government failure’

  • Former government aide Brittany Higgins said “very little has changed”.
  • Higgins said Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response was “shocking”.

Two prominent advocates for sexual assault survivors in Australia have ridiculed the Prime Minister’s performance in responding to “widespread” and unresolved abuse.

Former government aide Brittany Higgins – whose news of her rape in Parliament sparked national protests – said “very little has changed” since announcing the incident a year ago, expressing sadness at the conservative government’s actions.
Higgins said Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response was “shocking and at times admittedly a bit offensive”, adding: “I didn’t want his sympathy as a father. I wanted him to use his power as prime minister.”

The national conversation about ending abuse, harassment, and assault has gone beyond “trading offensive and deafening phrases for a complex mixture of appeasement words.”

Higgins joined in her address to sexual assault survivor Grace Tammy, an incident that has also targeted the Prime Minister’s leadership over the past year.

With their failures, a culture of abuse will continue to thrive within Parliament, setting the standard for corruption for the rest of the nation.”

The plight of the two women sparked a national controversy and a search for self in Australia, in addition to several government investigations, as the local “Jenkins statistic” stated that one in three people currently work in Parliament and workplaces.

The other federal government may have experienced sexual harassment while working there.

threat to the victim

Tami increased pressure on the government during her speech by saying that she had been asked not to criticize Prime Minister publicly, confirming that she had received a threatening phone call from a prominent member of a government-funded organization asking her for her word that she would not say anything bad about the prime minister.

Tam said the caller told her the prime minister would “be afraid of that”, with Australia’s next federal election due in mid-May.

Later in Parliament, when asked about his government’s progress on the issue of women’s safety, Morrison referred to an upcoming 10-year plan for women’s safety, a measure in addition to many other measures, according to the prime minister.

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