She lived 33 days inside a well .. A Sudanese girl gives hope for Ryan’s survival

Some unconfirmed accounts say that the girl was trying to hide for fear of punishment after losing three goats that were grazing outside her village, and then accidentally fell into the well.

Um Shawael’s age at the time of that incident was 12 years; But she managed to survive in that well, which was full of reptiles and scorpions, according to the authorities who supervised their exhumation.

According to one of the most believable accounts, she was found hanging from a tree branch inside the well, which protected her from the stings of scorpions and reptiles; The tree’s leaves also provided food for it during its stay in the well.

In spite of the shabby condition in which she was found, and the fits of fear that she experienced during the first days that followed her exhumation from the well; However, Umm Shawel was able, with the help of a specialized medical team, to fully recover from all the trauma, fractures and psychological effects she was exposed to.

After 5 years of that incident, Umm Shawail returned to a normal girl and married one of her relatives; However, she passed away shortly after her marriage in 2015.

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