Sherine Abdel Wahab breaks her silence and reveals the truth about her return to Hossam Habib

However, Sherine issued a statement through her official account on “Twitter”, confirming the incorrectness of the circulating news, threatening to punish those who promote or publish such news.

The statement stated: “The artist, Sherine, confirms that the news circulating regarding her personal life is incorrect, and that she holds those who promote and publish her fully legally responsible.”

And she continued, “She is the only one (Sherine) who has the right to announce any news about her married life, and she calls on her dear audience not to pay attention to all this, as her current concern is to make him happy with the new songs.”

Before the tweet, the news of her return to Habib sparked widespread controversy among the pioneers of the communication sites, as they expected her to return to him again, especially after several statements by the singer, including that she still loves Habib.

The Egyptian singer, for a while, was keen to mourn the grandmother of her late husband, on her official page on “Twitter”, and wrote: “With great sadness, I mourn the death of the dear to my heart, my dear grandmother.”

Sherine officially separated from her husband, the singer, last December, after a marriage that lasted nearly 4 years.

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