Shorten your time.. a new “amazing” service from WhatsApp

The technical news website WABetaInfo stated that the essence of this service is the ability of “WhatsApp” users to listen to voice notes received from their friends, even after they leave the From chatting with the friend to another chat.

This service practically contributes to shortening the time for users, especially since at the present time, “WhatsApp” operators cannot listen to voice notes and do another task.

Once this service is launched, users will be able to listen to voice messages while on the move in WhatsApp, without stopping those notes, which saves a lot of time.

And “WhatsApp” had begun to offer this service in its beta version in phones running the “iOS” system, that is, iPhone phones, and it is not known precisely when it will be included in “Android” phones, despite reports that “WhatsApp” This property is tested for these devices.

And the site published an image from the beta version of “WhatsApp”, showing the difference between the current situation, and the new service that will appear next to the voice messages.

It is not known when this service will be officially launched, but it is believed that it will not take long.

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