Since the Big Bang .. “Supercomputer” reveals what happened in the universe

According to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, a team of researchers from the University of Durham in Britain was able to prepare a three-dimensional map, in order to determine the parts and locations of galaxies in a very precise manner.

Scientists relied on what is described as a “supercomputer”, a computer with advanced and unprecedented capabilities, so that the simulation process is a mirror of the interactions that occurred in the universe, such as the impact of the laws of physics on the so-called “dark matter” and cosmic gas, over a period of 13.7 billion. A year has passed since the Big Bang.

Carlos Frink, the researcher supervising the study, said that this simulation will allow astronomers to explore nearby objects in the universe, in addition to exploring the Earth itself.

The project was called “SIBELIUS-DARK”, and it covers 600 million years of Earth, and includes more than 130 billion grains.

In numbers, the massive simulation was able to produce 1 petabyte of data, which is a huge amount, because it is the equivalent of 500 billion normal printed pages.

Cold dark matter is a hypothetical form of matter (a branch of dark matter), whose particles move at a speed slower than the speed of light, while their interaction with electromagnetic radiation is very weak.

It is said that this material plays a large role similar to a “sticky substance”, given the hidden role of gravity, which keeps galaxies next to each other, without reflection or absorption of light.

Professor Frink praised the work that has been done, saying that what has been done promises that “we are on the right path to understanding the evolution of the entire universe, from the Big Bang to the present day.”

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