Sisi participates in the “One Ocean” summit in France

This summit comes within the framework of a series of summits on environmental issues, organized by the French side at the initiative of President Emmanuel Macron since 2017, and will also be concerned with supporting the concept of the “sustainable blue economy” and mobilizing funding for it..

The official spokesman for the Egyptian presidency said that Sisi’s participation in this important event comes “in response to the invitation of the French president among a limited number of heads of state and government interested in international action to confront environmental degradation, in light of the close and growing relations between Egypt and France.”

He continued: “It also comes in light of the vital Egyptian role regionally and internationally, within the framework of efforts and initiatives seeking to confront the phenomenon of climate change and protect the marine environment, which will culminate in its hosting of the 27th session of the Conference of Parties to Climate Change in Sharm El Sheikh, in November 2022.”.

The spokesman explained that the Egyptian President intends to focus during the work of the “One Ocean” summit on “the impact of climate change on the ecological balance in the seas, oceans and coastal areas, and then Egypt intends to shed light during the Climate Change Summit in Sharm El Sheikh on the role that oceans can play in Reducing emissions and contributing to building low carbon economies.

He continued, “This is in addition to the importance of enhancing efforts to reduce emissions in the shipping sector, which contribute to the implementation of the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.”

The program of Sisi’s visit to France also includes holding summit talks with Emmanuel Macron, “to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations, which have witnessed a qualitative leap in recent years, in a way that achieves the common interests of the two countries… as well as continuing consultations and mutual coordination on a number of regional and international files of interest.” subscriber”.

It is also scheduled that Sisi will meet on the sidelines of the visit with a number of heads of state and government, to discuss advancing bilateral cooperation frameworks and consult on various regional and international issues.

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