Somalia.. Shelling and clashes at the airport "Baldwin" and its surroundings

Somalia (news now) – 06/02/2022. 13:56

Somalia.. Hit and run between the government and the terrorist group Al-Shabab

  • The vicinity of the airport witnessed violent clashes
  • The identity of the attackers at the airport has not yet been revealed

Local residents reported that the “Augas Khalif” airport in “Beldwein” in the “Hiran” governorate was hit. Somaliato artillery shelling with mortar shells.

Violent clashes in the vicinity of the airport also witnessed, before the arrival of the head of the state of “Hirchapel”, “Ali Godlawy” to the city, on Sunday.

The identity of the attackers at the airport has not yet been established, noting that the strategic city witnessed political and security turmoil resulting from disputes over the electoral process, and the arrival of supplies from the federal government to control the situation there, as a result of popular demonstrations condemning the state government.

Al-Shabab announces its control of “Dinsoor”

In another context, Al-Shabab claimed responsibility late Saturday night for a violent attack launched by its fighters on two military barracks of the Somali forces in the town of “Dinsoor”, Bay County, in the “southwest” state of Somalia.

The terrorist group announced the killing of more than ten members of the government forces and the wounding of several others, including the commander of the forces stationed in the town.

Media sources close to the group indicated that it had seized large quantities of weapons and military equipment. While the troops withdrew Somali To the neighboring Ethiopian barracks outside the city, and claimed full control of the group’s militants over the town of “Dinsoor”, including the two military barracks referred to.

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