Study: An extra hour of sleep helps you lose weight

And the British newspaper “Daily Mail” said that researchers at the University of Chicago in their study tracked the duration of sleep and calories obtained by 80 overweight people.

The results showed that the volunteers, who slept for an hour longer, consumed 270 fewer calories each day, compared to the other participants.

In light of the study’s findings, the scientists called for “sleep advice to be added to obesity prevention and weight loss programmes.”

They explained that staying away from television and phone screens “was a common factor among those who slept for a long time.”

“If healthy sleep habits are maintained for a longer period, this will lead to weight loss over time,” said study lead author Dr. Esraa Tasali.

Experts believe obesity, which affects half of Brits and Americans, is largely driven by excess calories, rather than lack of exercise.

Previous studies have revealed that not getting enough sleep “affects appetite regulation and increases the risk of weight gain.”

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