Sudan.. Arrests of members of the committee to “dismantle the Brotherhood’s regime”

According to confirmed information obtained by “Sky News Arabia”, the campaign included Wajdi Saleh, the reporter of the committee to dismantle the Brotherhood’s regime, Major General Al-Tayeb, the Secretary-General of the Committee, and Khaled Omar, Minister of Presidential Affairs in the government of Abdullah Hamdok, which was dissolved in accordance with the decisions of the army on October 25.

A leader in the Sudanese Congress Party, to which Omar belongs, confirmed that a security force wearing civilian clothes stormed the party’s house on Wednesday evening, and arrested the former minister while he was participating in a regular meeting of the party.

The source told “Sky News Arabia” that the security force took Omar, without specifying the reason for his arrest or the party to which they belong.

Hours before the arrest of the former minister, the security forces arrested Saleh, the rapporteur of the committee to dismantle the Brotherhood regime, which was overthrown by a popular revolution in April 2019.

According to the Emergency Lawyers Committee, which has been following the files of detainees since October 25, the campaign of arrests has increased remarkably during the past two days, through raids on homes and offices.

The committee said in a press conference, on Tuesday, that the security services often do not provide specific justifications for these arrests, and do not provide sufficient guarantees to preserve the rights of detainees.

The release of detainees is one of the most important demands of internal and external forces in Sudan, whose political crisis has deepened since the army seized power in October last year.

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