Sudanese envoy in Israel to strengthen relations

The source stated that the Sudanese envoy arrived in Israel at the beginning of this week, while there was no confirmation yet from the spokesmen for the Israeli and Sudanese governments.

Israel and Sudan announced in 2020 that they would establish relations as normal.

In January 2021, during the visit of former US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to Khartoum, Sudan signed the Abraham Agreement for Peaceful Coexistence, which paves the way for establishing relations with Israel.

The agreement stipulates the consolidation of tolerance, dialogue and coexistence between different peoples and religions in the Middle East and the world, in a way that serves to promote a culture of peace, and work to achieve sustainable peace in the region and the world through joint cooperation and dialogue between countries to develop the quality of life.

In April 2021, Sudan passed a bill repealing the “Israel Boycott Law of 1958”, confirming Sudan’s firm position towards the establishment of a Palestinian state within the framework of the two-state solution.

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