Surveillance cameras discovered inside the “women’s bathroom” at the Australian Embassy in Bangkok

The Australian embassy in Thailand announced that it had been exposed to a serious security breach, after spying cameras were found inside the women’s bathrooms of the Australian embassy in the Thai capital, Bangkok.

Detecting surveillance cameras inside "women's bathrooms" At the Australian Embassy in Bangkok

Local employee arrested

The Thai police had arrested the former employee of the Australian embassy in Bangkok as a result of intensive investigations after finding several spy cameras in the women’s bathrooms inside the embassy building, as an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained in the Australian capital Canberra on Saturday evening.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade announced that the Royal Thai Police had arrested a former local employee of the Australian Embassy, ​​and the Australian Foreign Affairs spokesperson stressed that “the privacy of all staff remains a priority for the ministry and we continue to provide appropriate support,” without giving further details.

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Memory card that leads to camera detection

At the end of last year, a memory card dedicated to cameras was found on the floor of the ladies’ bathroom inside the embassy building, which led to the discovery of the cameras installed in the place, and led the investigations to the local employee, against whom the Australian Embassy in Bangkok filed a complaint with the Foreign Affairs Department of the Royal Thai Police on 6 last January.

Defense expert What happened is a “serious security breach”

Hugh White, an Australian expert on defense and foreign policy, said the incident represented a serious security breach, adding that “if security is lenient enough to allow devices such as cameras to be installed anywhere within a security area such as an embassy, ​​that indicates that it is not tight enough to secure it.” “.

It was not determined how long the cameras were in the women’s bathrooms of the embassy, ​​nor the reason for their presence in this particular place, and whether similar cameras were found in the embassy’s offices as well.

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