Targeting judges in Iraq

Baghdad (news now) – 11/02/2022. 15:33

73 judges were killed in different courts in Iraq

  • The statistic includes judges killed since 2003
  • Judge Ahmed Al-Faisal is the last judge to be assassinated a few days ago
  • The security forces announce a security plan to prosecute the perpetrators

Documents obtained by News Now showed numbers Iraqi judges According to the documents, 73 judges in different courts in the country have been killed since 2003 Iraq They were killed in many ways.”

These documents indicate that this statistic includes judges who were killed from 2003 to today

Targeting judges in Iraq

Judge Ahmed Al-Faisal was the last judge who was assassinated a few days ago in the center of Maysan province, which prompted the security forces to announce a security plan to prosecute the perpetrators.

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