Teachers’ protests .. Iranian Ministry of Education threatens to punish the participants

Iran Twitter 02/10/2022 20:03

Restricting freedoms.. New Iranian practices to prevent the continuation of protests

  • Zarin Dasht Education Director asks all education directors to report teachers participating in the protests
  • Teachers in Iran demand the release of their detained colleagues and the implementation of wage reforms

In continuation of the policy of repression, silencing and restricting the freedoms that it undertakes Iranian government Against the people, the Iranian Ministry of Education issued circulars aimed at threatening teachers and preventing them from attending protest rallies.

Iranian Teachers Syndicate spokesman, Muhammad Habibi, posted on his official Twitter account a picture of two educational circulars aimed at threatening teachers and preventing them from attending protest rallies.

One of these photos, confirmed the request of the Director of Education in Zarine Dasht, Governorate Knight Explicitly all city directors of education “inform” teachers that “attending gatherings inside or outside the school is against the law, and whoever does so,
It will be referred to the Administrative Violations Council for Education Staff.

Also in this circular, education administrators are requested to report any deviation from this “as soon as possible” and to inform principals of any “failure to report”.

The teachers criticized the Iranian government and the Ministry of Education for resorting to intimidation and threats instead of responding to their demands.

Teachers went out in demonstrations several days ago to protest the slow implementation of wage and pension reforms, in addition to calling for the release of their detained colleagues.
The teachers’ protests are the latest in a series of moves recently launched by several Iranian professional sectors to protest the living and economic conditions.

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