Tears, pain and heartbreak with Rayan.. Children before him stirred the world with their tragedies

With the great Arab and international solidarity with the child Rayan and his family, the painful incident brought back scenes and stories of children who previously stirred the conscience of the world.

Ilan and Imran

Among the most prominent of those scenes that linger in our minds, is the scene of the 3-year-old Syrian child, Aylan Kurdi, who drowned in the sea and the waves threw his small body on the shores of Turkey while escaping with his family in a boat from Syria.

The 5-year-old child Omran also became an icon for the scourge of war in Syria, when the international media published his photo in 2016, after he was rescued from under the rubble of a demolished building in the eastern region of Aleppo, in which a stunned stray appeared, sitting on the ambulance chair, covering His face was stained with a mixture of blood and dirt.

A picture that stopped a war

A girl named Kim contributed to stopping the Vietnam War, because of the photo that was taken of her while jogging naked in June 1972 in the Vietnamese village of Trang Bang, after her body was burned from behind due to an attack by South Vietnamese aircraft, due to a mistake by the commander of the Air Force.

Kim’s image ignited voices opposing the war in the United States, and it was one of the most famous images associated with the war at the time, and it was the spark that prompted the exit of American forces.

The little girl and the hungry eagle

“The image of the hungry child and the eagle waiting for her death to eat her” is a picture that has become a symbol of the African famine crisis.

In 1993, photographer Kevin Carter captured the image of the child surrendering on the ground with an eagle behind her, during a famine in Sudan in the village of “Ayod”, where he heard the faint groan of a emaciated little girl, who had stopped crawling for a short time on her way to a food distribution center.

It is reported that Carter committed suicide one year after taking the picture, and the picture and the horrors of what he saw during his work, were among the reasons that prompted him to commit suicide, according to a letter he left behind.

A frightened soldier and a desperate child

In Germany, the world has not forgotten the image of an East German soldier helping a young child cross the barbed wire of the Berlin Wall so that he can catch up with his family, a wall that was built by the former East Germany in 1961, to divide the city into a capitalist western and a socialist eastern part for a period of 28 years.

The child at that time showed signs of despair and weakness, while the soldier showed signs of extreme fear of helping the child and not complying with the orders of his leadership, who issued strict orders not to allow anyone to cross that wall.


In Nigeria, a picture became famous in 2016, of a Danish relief organization worker helping a two-year-old Nigerian child, who was dismissed by his family for his strange appearance on the pretext that he was “enchanted.”

Reports confirmed that the little boy spent 8 months in the streets searching among the garbage for leftovers.

Where is Madeline?

Madeleine McCann is considered the most famous “lost child” in the world, after she disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 2007 in a coastal resort of Portugal, when she was 4 years old.

And the “child Madeleine” occupied the English media for a whole year, and evidence about her disappearance continues to occupy the media to this day, all that is available.

Madeleine broke the hearts of the English with her disappearance, especially since she disappeared without leaving behind evidence and threads linking the authorities to the kidnapper, and it is not known yet if she was killed or if she is still alive.

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