Tesla recalls more than half a million cars due to manufacturing defects

Tesla has issued 10 US subpoenas over the past four months, including four in the past two weeks.

The Texas-based company is under increasingly intense scrutiny by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Tesla said it was not aware of any accidents, injuries or deaths related to the issue that caused the latest recall.

This recall includes some cars from the 2020-2022 S, X and Y production models and the 2020-2022 Model 3 production because the “music player function” allows sounds from external speakers to be emitted while the car is in motion, which may interfere with the sound of the pedestrian warning system.

And this week, Tesla is recalling 26,681 vehicles due to a software bug that could lead to windshield defrosting problems.

Tesla told US regulators that the error could cause a valve on the heat pump to open inadvertently and trap the refrigerant inside the evaporator. Tesla will update the software to address the problem.

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