Thank you for your prayers and your love.. Baby Ryan came out of the well

Morocco (news now) – 06/02/2022. 00:34

Finally.. Baby Ryan is out of the well

  • A medical team examines the child Ryan and provides first aid inside the well before he is taken out
  • Media sources talk about multiple fractures in the body of the child Ryan

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, life has been re-written for Moroccan child Rayan, and he is now outside the well he fell into since Tuesday in a village in the north of the kingdom. The rescue process was never easy. Rather, it took vigorous efforts that included several specialized agencies and specialized rescue teams.

Also, thanks to everyone’s prayers, and everyone’s prayers, life was written once for the Moroccan child Rayan, who was able, during his ordeal, to gather the world around him, and to unite all the Arab countries on one voice, one hope and one prayer, which is Nagat Rayan.

Thank you for your prayers and your love.. Baby Ryan came out of the well

The cold did not prevent many people from continuing to gather in the vicinity of the site throughout the night, while the security forces that reinforced their deployment in the place set up barriers to prevent them from hampering the efforts of the rescue teams.
These crowds shouted from time to time in encouragement to the rescuers or in the belief that the nightmare was nearing its end, according to AFP correspondents.

Ryan’s story today gives us a life lesson. Nothing is above God’s ability on the one hand, and nothing is impossible in life if all efforts combined, and intentions were concluded for the sake of a noble goal. The goal this time is to save an innocent child.

Each of us has a story that he lives through, with its sweetness and bitterness, that may draw attention, or may not, and may or may not be a lesson and an exhortation to others. But Rayan’s story, which began on Tuesday, is the story of the resilience of a five-year-old child, the story of his family’s steadfastness, and the steadfastness of all the Arab people who followed his story with pain and hope of survival. Rayan’s story united the entire world and made the international media follow the event without prejudice to any religion, color or gender.

Each of us has a story.. and these are the details of the story of the child Ryan, from the beginning to its happy ending

On Saturday afternoon, Moroccan ambulance teams entered the tunnel they had dug, hoping to reach baby ryan Stuck in a well since Tuesday in the village of North The kingdom He was taken out of it, according to an AFP correspondent.
A medical team accompanied the civil protection staff, without yet knowing how the operation would take place and when it would end.
And strenuous efforts have been made since Wednesday to be able to get Rayan out alive, knowing that media sources are talking about multiple fractures in the child’s body. His parents are waiting in an ambulance for the boy, hoping to get him out alive, according to an AFP correspondent.

Meanwhile, a team of civil protection men stands at the entrance to the horizontal tunnel, which has required strenuous efforts to dig since Wednesday, in preparation for the five-year-old child, from the dry well, whose depth is 32 meters, where he fell casually.
Until now, “it is difficult to be certain about the health condition” of the child, according to the official in charge of the committee supervising the rescue operation, Abdul Hadi Al-Thamrani, to AFP, noting that the camera installed above the well “shows him lying on his side, we only see his back.”
As for whether he is still alive, Al-Thamrani said, “It is not possible to be certain about that,” noting that an ambulance and a medical helicopter are ready to take him to the nearest hospital as soon as he is taken out alive.
Rescue teams have been providing him with water and oxygen in recent days, but they have not been sure that he has used them, according to AFP correspondents.
Rayan’s fate raises a state of extreme anticipation in the country and abroad, although hopes for his exit alive dwindle with the passage of time.
Al-Thamrani also pointed out another obstacle that hindered the process, which is the rocks facing the drilling workers, explaining at midday that the workers still have to “dig two meters, which is half the distance” that separates them from the bottom of the dry well, 32 meters deep, into which the child fell casually on Tuesday.

It was believed Friday that the process is nearing its end. But the work slowed down, and rescuers resorted to manual digging last night due to fears of a landslide, and after they encountered a rock that “delayed us a lot”, according to Al-Thamrani, who also referred to fears “of the well collapsing.”
The civil protection teams disposed of them after three hours, using small electrical tools, to avoid creating cracks that could lead to the collapse of everything around the well.
The teams are seeking to secure a horizontal hole extending approximately three meters in the hope of penetrating it to remove the child, according to the local authorities, after a technical study by topographical engineers and civil protection specialists of the nature of the soil surrounding the well in order to secure the sides of the hole.
The teams worked non-stop during the last hours under strong spotlights that added to the gloominess of the scene of the accident, according to AFP journalists.

“Our hope is in God”

The cold did not prevent many people from continuing to gather in the vicinity of the site throughout the night, while the security forces that reinforced their deployment in the place set up barriers to prevent them from hampering the efforts of the rescue teams.
These crowds shout from time to time to encourage the rescuers or believe that the nightmare is nearing its end, according to AFP correspondents.
“We are in solidarity with this child who is dear to all Moroccans and the world as well. We hope that he will come out” from the well, Hafid Azzouz, a resident of the village, told AFP.
The five-year-old boy accidentally fell on Tuesday afternoon in this well of narrow diameter and difficult to descend into, in a village in the Bab Bard region near the city of Chefchaouen (north), according to local media.

Ryan’s mother: I’m still shocked, but I hope to God that they get him out alive. I have not lost hope

His mother told local media, “We all enlisted to search for him as soon as he disappeared (…) until we learned that he had fallen into the well.”
“I still have hope to see my son come out alive,” his father told Public TV Channel Two on Friday. “I thank all the people who are working to save him and all those who support us in Morocco and abroad.”
Volunteers from the village and rescue teams initially tried to go down to the well to retrieve the child, but its narrow diameter, “which does not exceed 45 centimeters”, prevented this, according to Abdelhadi Tamrani, the person in charge of the operation, to the first public television channel.
It was also thought to expand the diameter of the well, but fears of landslide made the rescuers abandon this option, so work was done to dig a parallel tunnel amid difficulties and extreme caution to avoid any collapse.

Ryan’s story.. brings the world together

The incident sparked widespread follow-up and sympathy on social media, in Morocco and abroad. Bloggers from many countries such as Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Canada and the United States tweeted in multiple languages ​​to express their hope to save the child.
One wrote on Twitter, “Millions across the world are holding their breath in this race against time to save Ryan.” While another blogger saluted the rescue teams, “The real heroes (…) continue like this, the whole world is counting on you.”
Spain witnessed a similar incident in 2019, when a two-year-old boy accidentally fell into a well, but it ended in tragedy as he was found dead after 13 days of searches, causing great grief in the country.

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