The African Summit… What are the leaders’ plans to confront the expansion of terrorism?

The activities of the 35th African Summit kicked off, in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, over two days, Saturday, and its files topped the challenges of security, terrorism and the Corona pandemic, in addition to the crisis of coups.

There are widespread fears of an increase in extremism and terrorism in countries: Somalia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Uganda, and the Sahel region, in addition to the ongoing war in northern Ethiopia, the host country of the summit.

Activate “SESA” is a necessity

Sudanese writer and political analyst Haitham Mahmoud said: African leaders must define quick tools and plans, and put in place laws and regulations that limit the phenomenon of the expansion of terrorism; The countries of the brown continent between them have open natural borders with which it is easy for terrorist organizations to move from one country to another. Terrorism in any country is a danger to the entire continent.

Mahmoud added, to “Sky News Arabia”: It is necessary to activate the role of the “Sisa” institution through cooperation and exchange of information between the intelligence services and the extradition of wanted persons, pointing out that the brown continent has become a fertile environment for terrorist organizations. As a result of the fragility of security and the turbulent political situation and military coups.

Cissa is a committee of the African Peace and Security Council of the African Union, which is concerned with strategic intelligence analysis on threats to peace and security on the African continent.

He explained that in addition to the security solution, it is necessary to present religious awareness-raising media messages through moderate institutions, as well as the developmental role; Because poverty and unemployment are among the main reasons for recruiting young people.

Africa’s dilemma

For his part, the Sudanese researcher in African affairs, Salih Mohieldin, said: The African Union is able to play a positive role with regard to the issues of security and terrorism.

Mohieldin added, to “Sky News Arabia”, that the current summit could make a major breakthrough in terms of security cooperation between the countries of the continent and the fight against terrorism, not only because this is on the summit’s agenda; But because it is one of the dilemmas of the advancement of the African continent.

He pointed out that the Union, headed by Senegal, can contribute effectively to resolving the security crises on the continent; Because this summit comes as a continuation of the previous summits that discussed “silencing the guns” in the brown continent, and this could happen if African countries cooperate with each other.

Huge expansion of terrorism

The African Union Commissioner for Peace and Political Affairs, Bankole Adewe, said in a press conference on Sunday that there are crucial issues on the continent related to “political governance”, “peace and security” on our continent and “radicalism”.

He pointed to the “tremendous expansion of terrorism and violent extremism on the continent,” calling on all leaders to develop effective plans to deal with this scourge, and to confront forcefully after it threatens all the countries of the brown continent.

This was confirmed by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission, Moussa Faki, who said: Terrorism is on the rise in the continent and is expanding in an alarming way.

He stressed that the security situation in Africa requires the bloc to take a new approach, and called for “more effective African solidarity.”

In his speech, the President of the African Union for the current session, Senegalese President Macky Sall, said: The state of security and peace and internal crises remind us of shared responsibility.

The Senegalese president added: The current situation on the continent requires us to search for solutions and necessary plans to end conflicts, conflicts and crises, stressing that “Africa is still lagging behind in development despite its huge and diverse capabilities.”

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