The best ways to preserve the phone battery for a long time for all Android and iPhone systems

Mobile phones have become one of the most important things that cannot be dispensed with in our daily lives, and one of the things that everyone suffers from is the speed of battery depletion, and this is a problem that all mobile phone systems suffer from, whether Android or iPhone, and this matter has become one of the most annoying things, so everyone is keen To know all the ways that help them maintain the phone battery charge as long as possible, and for this we will present to you some of the wrong habits that consume the phone battery and some ways that help to preserve the battery charge, which are:

The best ways to preserve the phone battery for a long time for all Android and iPhone systems 1 7/2/2022 - 6:00 AM

Continuously close app notifications

One of the most things we all do is leave notifications of applications and games on the surface of the screen without deleting and this leads to battery consumption and therefore the notifications must be closed permanently.

Not running phone data continuously

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One of the most things we do every day is to connect to the Internet, whether using phone data or connecting to the Wi-Fi network, and being connected to the Internet all the time leads to the battery being depleted even if you are not using the phone and this is due to receiving notifications and messages, so the Internet connection must be closed in a period Not using it.

charge the battery before it reaches 30%

Mobile phone experts confirmed that leaving the battery without charging after reaching 30%, this leads to damage and destruction of the battery, due to the inability of the battery to work properly due to applications that consume the battery, so it is necessary to pay attention and charge the phone battery before reaching less than 30% .

Reduce screen brightness

Reduce screen brightness
Reduce screen brightness

One of the things that consumes the phone battery charge is very large, so it is necessary to reduce the brightness of the screen, and it is better to turn on the night mode to preserve the battery charge and preserve the eye.

Delete apps that consume battery charge

There are some applications that we download and are running out of battery charge, so you must get rid of these applications, and you can find out which applications are consuming battery charge by the following steps:

  • Unlock your mobile device.
  • Then go to settings.
  • Then tap on Battery.
  • You will see how much apps are using to charge your battery.

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