The Brotherhood’s crisis is deepening… a new collapse and mass resignations by hundreds

The sources pointed out that dozens of people submitted mass resignations from the organization during the past days, after the recent decisions exchanged between the leaders, the most prominent of which was the dismissal of the Istanbul guide Mustafa Tolba by the London leadership headed by Ibrahim Munir, and then the response by the first group to invalidate the decision.

According to the sources, the text of the resignations, which was largely circulated internally, stated that the bases, all of whom were from the Egyptian Brotherhood, had lost their complete confidence in the central leadership, and the image of the second had become greatly distorted after mutual accusations from both parties. It was better to retire from the organizational work; To feel shocked by what the recent controversies revealed of the falsity of the group’s slogans.

One of the sources attributes another reason to the state of disobedience, related to stopping the financial support that had been provided on a monthly basis to a number of Brotherhood families inside Egypt since 2013, but it stopped almost completely. Because of the raging internal conflict crisis, which is difficult for regulatory rules, especially since the existing conflict is caused by issues of financial embezzlement and mutual accusations in this regard between the two parties.

During the past week, the Brotherhood conflict entered an advanced stage of media bickering and decisive decisions on the two fronts. In a statement, the acting guide Ibrahim Munir described the Istanbul leaders as “not from the Brotherhood,” while observers considered it a historical development of the Brotherhood conflict crisis, reaching the point of disavowal from the Saleh group. other.

The Egyptian researcher specializing in political Islam and terrorism, Munir Adib, believes that the state of fragmentation and organizational collapse will continue to exist and rage within the terrorist Brotherhood, in light of the continuation of the current conflict, which revealed many of the allegations that the group promoted over the past 90 years and convinced its organizational bases of their truthfulness.

According to the interview of the Egyptian researcher for “Sky News Arabia”, the current conflict produced two heads of the organization’s leadership, the London group led by Ibrahim Munir and the Istanbul group led by Mahmoud Hussein, while it affected the organizational rules on four levels. The first preferred to leave the organization and defect from the structure, and the second froze its membership Until a resolution on the issue of the conflict, while the other two were divided by the support of one of the parties to the conflict.

On the outcome of the conflict, Adeeb sees that Mahmoud Hussein appears to have resolved the conflict, but at the same time, a significant group of organizational rules and Brotherhood ties remain in the hands of Munir, especially as he succeeded in mobilizing prominent historical leaders in favor of his camp, stressing that the conflict will continue for a long time. It is not expected that any party will give up its demands, especially since the historical leaders have sided with one of the two fronts, and this means that resolving the crisis has become impossible.

And recently, the so-called internal conflict in the terrorist organization has been promoted between the fronts of Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide and residing in Britain, and Mahmoud Hussein, the leader of the organization and his group, residing in Turkey.

The media has been in a state of upheaval since the acting General Guide of the Brotherhood, Ibrahim Mounir, officially announced the decision to dissolve the Administrative Office for Organization Affairs in Turkey, as well as the Qatar Shura Council, last June, as well as postponing the internal elections that were expected to be held within weeks to choose the members of the General Shura Council for a period of time. 6 months.

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