The death of the child Ryan.. Lessons and lessons

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Morocco is preparing for the funeral of the child Rayan after determining the causes of his death

Rayan.. Moroccan child He fell into a well 32 meters deep, stayed in it for 5 consecutive days and then died. A story that took on a human dimension and became circulated by the media in various countries of the world.

The process of removing Ryan from the narrowness of the earth’s interior was followed by the eyes of millions in front of the screens, and thousands around the well, all hoping that the child would come out alive after these five days.

Rayan came out of the well on Saturday night, and his death was announced minutes later. The story of the Moroccan child gave a lesson in humanity and compassion.

Social initiatives accompanied this story, followed by campaigns calling for steps to be taken on the ground to fill these wells.

On the date of the child’s funeral, a Moroccan representative said that the funeral will take place on Monday after the noon prayer, according to a local website.

I benefited a site”HespressAl-Maghraby said that the parliamentarian from the Chefchaouen district, Abdel Rahim Bouazza, confirmed to the website that the funeral of the child Rayan will take place “tomorrow, Monday, after the noon prayer.”

But the site indicated that the child’s relatives did not specify a date for the funeral, saying that everyone is waiting for the news of certainty in the absence of any communication with the parents.

The Moroccan Royal Court mourned the child Rayan for the Moroccan people, and King Mohammed VI offered his sincere condolences to Rayan’s family during a phone call.

Moroccan Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch expressed his grief and sadness at the news of the death of the child Rayan, after days of suffering, and hoped to reach him alive.

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