The defenses of the southern giants shoot down a Houthi plane in the sky of Harib

Military sources reported that the defenses of the Southern Giants Brigades spotted a Houthi drone flying in the sky of Harib District.

The defenses of the Giants Brigades dealt with the drone with the appropriate weapon, and shot it down immediately, according to military sources.

The defenses of the Giants Brigades managed to shoot down 3 drones of the Houthi militia in the districts of Ain and Harib.

This comes at a time when the Arab coalition forces to support legitimacy in Yemen announced the destruction of 12 military vehicles and the infliction of human losses among the militias.

The coalition said that it had launched “18 targeting operations against militias in Marib and Hajjah during the past 24 hours.”

The coalition indicated that the Houthis “chosen to blatantly escalate by targeting civilian airports and civilians,” stressing that “the militias’ deliberate targeting of civilian airports is an inexcusable extension that requires deterrence.”

The coalition called on civilians in Sana’a to evacuate civilian sites used militarily within the next 72 hours, explaining that “critical points in Sana’a used by the Houthis to launch marches will be bombed.”

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