The entry into force of the “special requirements” for entering and leaving Saudi Arabia

For citizens to leave outside Saudi Arabia, it is required to take the third booster dose of the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, for those who have spent 3 months from receiving the second dose.

With the exception of the age groups who are under 16 years old, or the excluded groups, according to what appears in the (Tawakkalna) application.

And the Saudi Ministry of Interior stated that “all those coming to the Kingdom, including citizens, regardless of their immunization status, are required to submit a negative result for an approved (BCR) examination, or for an approved rapid antigen test for the Corona virus, within 48 hours from the date of departure or entry to the Kingdom. .

With the exception of those under 8 years old, taking into account the regulations of countries of origin related to HIV testing procedures for children.

The Ministry of the Interior stressed the need for everyone to adhere to the precautionary measures, preventive measures and approved health protocols, and to speed up taking the approved vaccine doses.

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