The Framework Initiative.. Signs to resolve the crisis in Iraq or political evasion

Iraq has witnessed a wide political crisis since the militia parties lost the parliamentary elections, and the insistence of the leader of the Sadrist bloc, Muqtada al-Sadr, to proceed with a national majority government and remove the forces of the “coordinating framework”, which plunged the country into a constitutional vacuum and opened the door for nomination again.

broken bones

Commenting on the initiative, the Iraqi analyst, Hashem Abdul-Karim, said that “it will not be accepted by the Sadrist movement, especially since it did not propose any solution to the cause of the fundamental dispute between the two sides, which is that the movement will not accept all the forces of the framework, and at the same time the latter rejects any attempts to dismantle it.” Therefore, there is no point of convergence between the two sides.”

Abdul Karim added to “Sky News Arabia”, that “the framework forces are trying in every way to dissuade al-Sadr from a national majority government in order to preserve their gains and privileges, as well as for fear of opening thorny files and holding them accountable for the crimes of the past years.”

He pointed out that “the initiative is like ashes scattered by the militias to extinguish the fire of failures that they witnessed since last October’s elections,” noting that “it comes after the visit of the Iranian Quds Force commander Ismail Qaani to Iraq, as well as in light of a state of turmoil and boiling in Maysan province within the war of bone breaking and pressure continuous”.

In turn, the Iraqi academic, Wissam al-Obaidi, said that “there are internal and external attempts by Iran and its proxies in Iraq to besiege al-Sadr, but the leader’s tweet after a Qaani meeting sent signs that he is consistent in his political position and is committed to forming a national majority government in Iraq.”

He explained that “Al-Sadr has no problem with the majority of the coordinating framework forces, with the exception of the leader of the State of Law coalition, former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, which the framework forces strongly reject on the pretext of not dismantling the coalition, which pushed the current towards a majority government, although it is not his desire.”

He stressed that Iraq “is on the verge of a major escalation by Iranian agents who do not care about the internal situation or the interests of Iraq, which is trying to rise from successive setbacks,” expecting that “the coming period will witness more bickering between the two sides in light of Al-Sadr’s insistence not to ally with Al-Maliki and hints from The framework forces are about to enter into the cycle of who is the largest bloc, despite the rejection of the Federal Court’s claim by the framework forces on the same matter,” noting that “the election of a president for the country will be a glimmer of hope and draws out all future scenarios.”

3-point initiative

According to the Iraqi News Agency, the initiative includes three points; The first is “to call on all political forces and national figures to start a new phase of communication and dialogue in order to achieve the constitutional obligations and complete the sovereign positions.”

As for the second point, the framework forces said: “We extend our hands to the political forces concerned with forming the most numerous parliamentary bloc, and we specifically mention the brothers in the Sadrist movement and the political entities and independent parliamentary personalities to sit down, meet and debate about forming the most numerous bloc in a new way to serve the country and the largest national component, to move away On the logic of quotas and the division of spoils, and the adoption of the standard of efficiency and sincerity in public service.

And she continued: “Third, the agreement of the most numerous parliamentary bloc on the criteria for selecting a strong, efficient, wise prime minister who is able to cross the stage, and the specifications for forming the government cabinet in accordance with standards of integrity and efficiency to be faithful to the sovereign decision that preserves Iraq’s security and independence and is able to take strategic decisions that advance the country’s reality. For our part, we announce our full readiness to interact positively with all the proposals, ideas and visions that will be presented by our partners in the homeland, with whom we have one fate, and we all have a common responsibility to end the political blockage that the country suffers from.

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