"The Gaza Strip is unfit for human habitation".. are running a campaign "They kidnapped Gaza" They accuse Hamas of destroying the Gaza Strip

Gaza (news now) – 07/02/2022. 13:16

Palestinians hold Hamas responsible for Gaza’s poverty

  • Activists blamed Hamas for poverty, unemployment, and harsh economic and humanitarian conditions.
  • “They kidnapped Gaza” A Palestinian online campaign blames Hamas for the misery of the Strip.
  • Campaign organizers say that the rights of Gazans that have been confiscated by all political parties must be restored.

Palestinians launched a new campaign on social media with the hashtag #kidnapped_Gaza to protest the way Hamas manages the Gaza Strip. To the accusation of activists participating in the campaign of cooperating with Israel and the Palestinian Authority in order to bring down the resistance, which Hamas considers its centerpiece in the Strip, although the participants’ demands did not go beyond improving the humanitarian conditions in the Strip and providing job opportunities for young people.

This time, the campaign organizers went to “stringing” From the hashtag to the voice chat “space” Which has become a regular thing every evening, and hundreds of activists participate in it, to express their rejection of the difficult reality they live in due to Hamas’ mismanagement of the Strip, and its indifference to their concerns.

The campaign was organized by most of the young men who emigrated to escape from the Gaza Strip after being repeatedly arrested by Hamas for objecting to its policies in government, and for their participation in the popular movement. “we want to live” which Hamas violently suppressed in March 2019.

One of the campaigners Amer Balousha, Currently residing in Istanbul, who was one of the organizers of the movement “we want to live” Hamas arrested him and charged him with several charges and would have brought him before the military court, had it not been for the intervention of the Palestinian factions and human rights institutions that prevented this.

“The campaign comes in the context of a series of campaigns launched over the past years to express the catastrophic situation that the population has been living in since 2007.”

Amer Balousha is one of the organizers of the campaign to kidnap Gaza

He stressed that the Gaza Strip suffers from huge levels of poverty, extreme poverty and unemployment, which prompted the United Nations to declare that the Gaza Strip is unfit for human life by 2020. He said: “The residents of the Gaza Strip need to reconsider their suffering, which has long been ignored by officials and rulers”.

He explained that the campaign will not take any path related to a popular movement on the ground, explaining that the campaign will remain electronic, saying: “Security does not accept such moves on the ground”.

Amer Balousha – one of the organizers of a youth campaign accusing “agitation” mismanagement of Gaza

He explained that the campaign’s goal is only to convey the message of suffering, and to demand the rights of the people that have been taken from them for a decade and a half.

He stressed that many campaigns come in an unorganized or prepared way, pointing out that the #kidnapped_Gaza was started by a group of young people on Twitter, to express the state of political resentment against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, indicating that the hashtag – before its adoption – was and will remain a case of political opposition. via social networking sites.

The people of Gaza have full human and living rights

Amer Balousha

The rights of Gaza residents that were confiscated by all political parties must be restored, according to Balousha.

He also ruled out that Hamas would respond to the campaign’s demands, as its response to those demands is considered subordination to a group of activists. He wondered about the fate of the sums of money collected by Hamas from taxes, as the citizen knows the aspects of levying but not the aspects of spending, and how Hamas manages the country’s affairs.

Balousha denounced holding Hamas responsible for the miserable conditions in Gaza on Israel, wondering who imposes taxes in Gaza and collects them, pointing out that Hamas shares people’s livelihood in an unjustified manner, without any return for my services.

And he said: “Hamas cannot absolve itself of responsibility. It must bear the responsibility of the Strip as long as it rules it, or hand it over to another government.”.

Palestinian fishermen sort their drinks from fish caught in their nets along a beach in Gaza City, January 29, 2022 – AFP

As for the campaign Hamza Al-Masry The resident abroad confirmed to”news now” They launched the campaign, to send a message to the world that the people in the Strip have the right to live a decent life, pointing out that the campaigns funded by the Hamas government began attacking activists, accusing them of submitting to foreign agendas. And he said: ” It is forbidden for you to speak in the Gaza Strip or write a publication”.

He indicated that nearly 50 videos and more than 20 dubbed pictures were issued against him with the aim of his moral assassination, and his family was threatened with death, stressing that he will not stop demanding the rights of the people.

Al-Masry added to News Now: “Billions of dollars that reach the Gaza Strip do not reach the poor”.

In the same context, the activist and participant in the campaign confirmed Suleiman Al-Buhaisi for”news now” His participation in the campaign was motivated by the expression of the grievances and suffering of the people of Gaza, explaining that it is natural for him to tweet with the hashtag to convey the voice to the whole world, and to each party responsible for the people in the Gaza Strip who have been living in accumulated suffering for more than 16 years.

And he said: “Tweeting does not belong to a particular poor person. Rather, it is a moral and patriotic duty for every citizen who feels the suffering of others.”.

Hamza Al-Masry – one of the organizers of a youth campaign accusing “agitation” mismanagement of Gaza

This was not the first campaign that Suleiman participated in, as he participated in the “We Want to Live” movement in 2019, to demand the most basic human rights, and he was arrested.

He stressed that his goal in participating is to convey his voice to the direct official in charge of the Gaza Strip, which is the Hamas government, and to demand it to reduce taxes on the burden of citizens who lack work, and social justice in jobs, pointing out that the graduate, in order to get a job in the Strip, must obtain a recommendation from an official or (( Amir) mosque.

He explained that the ceiling of freedoms is very low, as he was arrested, held accountable, and ridiculed only because of his demand for a job.

And about his fear of being arrested again because of his participation in the campaign, he said Al Buhaisi : “No matter how much we are arrested, we will not stop demanding our rights”.

He continued: “Freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed to us by religion and law”. He explained that they are not asking Hamas to live a rosy life, but rather to provide them with a dignified life, which is the simplest civil rights that any human being on earth can enjoy.

And he said: “We want to live at the same level as Hamas, or let Hamas live at the same level as us”.

And about his messages that he wanted to direct, each official had to look at the people of Gaza with a view of responsibility, and to stand up to his duties, pointing out that Hamas lives completely isolated from its responsibility for the two million citizens living in Gaza, describing the matter as illogical, and calling for more shedding light on the suffering of the youth. And people in Gaza, participate by tweeting the campaign tag.

Suleiman Al-Buhaisi – activist and participant in the Kidnapped Gaza campaign

This campaign came after a report issued by the Observatory “Euro-Mediterranean” On January 24, he reported that the unemployment rate reached 50.2% at the end of 2021, which is one of the highest unemployment rates in the world, while poverty rates witnessed a sharp rise, reaching 69% at the end of last year, stressing that more than half of the Gaza Strip’s population of Their number is 2.3 million; poor.

The report also mentioned that the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip last May caused the destruction of hundreds of economic facilities, with a total loss of about $400 million.

The sector suffers from severe water shortages, deteriorating infrastructure, poor sewage treatment, and power cuts of more than 16 hours a day.

There were also some internal events that provoked the feelings of Gazans, as a one-month-old baby died in Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip because his heart stopped as a result of the severe cold that hit Palestine last week, according to what the doctors confirmed.

On January 27, a 14-year-old boy was killed in the Juhr Ad-Dik landfill in the eastern Gaza Strip, after he was buried under piles of garbage in the landfill without being noticed by the landfill machinery operators there, as he used to rummage through the garbage in search of plastic waste. He could sell it to support him and his family, who blamed the Gaza municipality for his death.

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