The goal is to “minimize electrical appliances”…a prestigious award for an Egyptian researcher

Dr. Issam Dhaif is a graduate of the Faculty of Science at Fayoum University and an assistant lecturer at the Graduate School of Advanced Sciences, Beni Suef University.

Deif left Egypt in 2019 to complete his doctoral studies from Curtin University in Australia, and was able to win the national award there from the Royal Australian Institute, although he did not finish completing his Ph.D.

national award

The Royal Australian Institute of Chemistry had awarded the Egyptian Dr. Essam Dhaif in Australia the award for the best PhD student in electrochemistry at the level of Australia and New Zealand for the year 2021.

The Royal Australian Institute of Chemistry, on its Twitter account, published a list of awards granted to many scholars from different countries of the world.

electrical circuit components

About this award, Dr. Essam Dhaif told Sky News Arabia that he presented a set of research papers on electrical circuits based on 3arab molecules.

He continued that his research includes finding simple ways to link nanowires consisting of 3arab compounds for use in micro-electrical circuits, where micro-circuits are composed of nano-components, such as transistors and diode, that act as valves to control the passage of electric current and open and close the electrical circuit.

He explained that the smaller the components of these circuits, the smaller the weight of the current electronic devices could be.

The winner of the National Prize in Australia explained that his research seeks to reach other ways to manufacture components of micro-electrical circuits by chemical methods that connect sub-nanometer molecular wires consisting of 3arab compounds, with silicon chips, and these micro-wires (less than 1 nanometers) in building electrical circuit parts such as the switch.

He continued, “We are trying to find simple and easy ways to connect chemical wires to silicon chips to facilitate their use in industrial processes in the future, if companies decide to use this technology, as this contributes to building nano-sensors that can measure concentrations of substances to the single-molecule level. ), which contributes to solving problems related to accurate and rapid disease diagnosis and the advancement of personalized medicine.

The Egyptian researcher in Australia, Essam Dhaif, succeeded in publishing 8 research papers, in addition to five other papers currently under publication in the journals of the American Chemical Society and the journals of the Royal Society of Chemistry, within only two years from when the start of Doctoral thesis.

About the award

The Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI), the top research body for all aspects of chemistry research, organizes scientific awards in various chemistry disciplines for topics of vital and applied future impact.

A guest applied for the award for the best PhD thesis in Chemistry for the year 2021, from the Electrochemistry Branch of the Royal Australian Institute, as more than 33 applicants from Australia and New Zealand reached the initial stage of the qualifications.

The award is evaluated by independent committees within the Royal Australian Institute of Chemistry, for doctoral and post-doctoral research.

Dhaif indicated that he received the news of his reaching the final list of the competition, with 3 applicants, one of whom wins the overall winner and the other contestants get second place.

He stressed that the award includes honoring and a certificate from the Royal Institute and the Royal Society of Chemistry, in addition to a financial award from Metrohm, an international company specialized in manufacturing scientific laboratory equipment.

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