The Happy Yemen Brigades are close to retaking the city of Haradh

Yemen (news now) – 02/08/2022. 00:56

The Happy Yemen Brigades are advancing in the city of Haradh

The forces of the “Happy Yemen Brigades”, backed by the forces of the Fifth Military Region of the Yemeni army, continued the process of purifying the city of Haradh in the governorate argumentand approached the completion of the restoration of all the city.

Field sources said that battles described as the fiercest took place on Monday in the city of Haradh between the forces of the Happy Yemen Brigades and the army, with the support of the Arab coalition fighters, and the Houthi terrorist militia, which resulted in the defeat of the militia, killing about dozens of Houthi militants and destroying an armored vehicle, a kit and an ammunition store.

Prisoners, including a Houthi leader

The sources confirmed that the purification process is nearing its end, while all attempts to spare the blood of the besieged Houthi elements, who refused to surrender and hand over their weapons, failed, pointing to the families of more than 30 Houthis, including the prominent leader “Abu Mazen Al-Sammad,” a relative of the Houthi militia, Saleh Al-Samad, head of the so-called Supreme Political Council. for the previous group.

The militia sent large reinforcements from several areas in the governorate and neighboring governorates, while forcing sheikhs and conference leaders from the sons of Haradh, Bani Hassan and al-Shaab who are in Abs to participate in those battles with the aim of getting rid of them, according to local sources.

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