The health situation in Afghanistan .. WHO describes it as catastrophic

Kabul (AFP) 02/10/2022 10:06

WHO: Acute humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan continues to put lives at risk

  • During the meeting, they talked about addressing the file of humanitarian access and the issue of human rights in Afghanistan
  • This organization hosts the closed conference on Afghanistan from Monday to Friday

The World Health Organization announced that a meeting was held with the Minister of Health in the government of Taliban To discuss the health and humanitarian situation in Afghanistan which she described as “disastrous”.

The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Adhanom Ghebreyesus Tedros, said that this meeting with Minister Qalandar Abbad took place on Tuesday, while the latter was part of the Taliban delegation in Geneva to hold talks with institutions and non-governmental organizations.

On humanitarian access and the issue of human rights in Afghanistan.

Tedros had previously met Minister Abbad during his visit to Kabul in September 2021, following the Taliban’s seizure of power in mid-August.

“Although there has been some improvement since (that time), the health situation in Afghanistan remains catastrophic and the acute humanitarian crisis continues to put lives at risk,” Tedros said.

The health situation in Afghanistan is still catastrophic.

The two men talked about the needs in the health field, the capabilities to respond to emergencies, and the training of health staff, in which women play a central role.

Tedros pointed out that one of the main aspects is “monitoring Covid-19, especially (mutated) Omicron, in light of the high number of infections.”

The Taliban delegation is visiting Switzerland at the invitation of the non-humanitarian organization “Geneva Cole”, which works to strengthen the application of international humanitarian law and protect civilians in conflict areas and has been active for many years in Afghanistan.

This organization is hosting the closed conference on Afghanistan from Monday through Friday, with the aim of supporting the delivery of humanitarian aid in the country.

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