The killing of 6 members of the Syrian regime in the eastern desert of Homs .. and ISIS may be behind the attack

Eastern Homs Badia (North-Press) – 11/02/2022. 05:46

Dead and wounded from the regime forces, including an officer in the rank of major general, in central Syria

  • The gunmen targeted a military convoy of the regime forces, which was heading from Homs to the Al-Tifour area
  • Major General Saeed Al-Khattar was killed in the Syrian regime forces

Six members of the Syrian regime forces were killed, including a major general, on Thursday, and more than nine others were wounded in an attack carried out by unknown gunmen, believed to be from the terrorist organization. ISIStargeted a military convoy in the eastern desert of Homs, central Syria.

A military source from government forces said, lNorth Press“Unidentified gunmen targeted, with automatic weapons, a military convoy of the regime forces, which was heading from Homs to the Al-Tyfour area, east of Palmyra.”

The source added, “The attack resulted in the killing of six members, including officers, one of whom was known as Major General Saeed Al-Khattar, while nine others were wounded and were taken to Al-Waer Military Hospital in Homs, and their injuries ranged between serious and moderate, according to a doctor in the hospital.”

The source stated, “The attackers were riding in four-wheel drive vehicles bearing the flags of the organization (ISIS) to take refuge, after carrying out the attack, into the depths of the Syrian Palmyra desert.”

Factions loyal to Iran and the regime forces control large areas of the Syrian desert, which has recently witnessed several battles between ISIS, the regime forces and the pro-Iranian factions.

Two days ago, a member of the “ISIS” organization was killed in an air raid by Russian aircraft near the oil tankers in the town of Dublan in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.

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