The new pension law in Egypt .. Who benefits?

The National Authority for Social Insurance indicated that the new social insurance law in Egypt includes many advantages, such as increasing pensions periodically by law, borne by the social insurance system to address the effects of inflation on pensions, as well as establishing a fund to invest social insurance funds with a specialized administration in various fields of investment. , with tightening penalties to prevent insurance evasion, and to preserve the rights of the insured.

The executive regulations of the Social Security and Pensions Law, which were recently issued, specify the categories of irregular workers to which the provisions of this law apply, the conditions they must meet, and the documents they must submit at the start of participation.

The provisions of the law will apply to the category of irregular workers, such as street vendors and other migrant workers, those who do not engage in activity in a fixed workplace that has a commercial register, domestic servants, memorizers of the Holy Qur’an, chanters of church servants, and some owners of small agricultural land.

For her part, Legal Adviser and Appeals Lawyer, Dina Al-Mokadam, told Sky News Arabia: “The new pension law has achieved a qualitative leap and has put in mind the interest of the beneficiary of the pension, especially in cases related to widowed and divorced women, unmarried girls, and people with special needs.”

Unmarried, divorced and widowed

And she indicated that “according to the new pension law, an unmarried woman may receive her salary in addition to her pension from her father, even if she is an employee, whether she is a miss, divorced or widowed, provided that her salary from her job is less than that of her father, and in this case she gets the difference between For example, if the value of her salary is 500 pounds and the father’s pension is 1000 pounds, then she is entitled to exchange 500 pounds, which is the difference in value between the two salaries, as the Ministry of Insurance and Pensions requires a paper containing the vocabulary of this employee’s salary from his workplace before applying to the father’s pension to make a comparison between the two salaries.

Dina clarified that: “In the event of the husband’s death, the employed widow is entitled to her deceased husband’s pension in addition to her father’s pension, by submitting papers containing her salary and a statement of the deceased husband’s pension, and if her salary and her husband’s pension are less than the father’s, she is entitled to exchange the difference between them.”

She indicated that: “The widow is entitled to the pension of her deceased husband, and if she remarries, this pension is suspended, but in the event of her divorce again, she is not entitled to the pension again.”

pension for children

The presenter emphasized that “the daughter can, in this law, combine her father’s pension with her mother’s pension, without a maximum limit, but if the daughter receives her father’s pension alone, she is entitled to two-thirds of this pension, but if she participates with her widowed mother, she shares the pension with her mother, If there are siblings who are entitled to a pension in the absence of the mother, the pension is divided equally between them.

She pointed out that if the divorced woman delays requesting her right to a pension, she can obtain it retroactively and it is called the frozen pension, but she describes it as a maximum of 5 years.

She emphasized that children can combine the pensions due from their parents without limits, and the beneficiary combines the pensions due to him on behalf of one person without limits.

People with special needs

With regard to people with special needs, the provider clarified that: “The beneficiary of persons with disabilities from the category of spouses can combine the due pension for himself and the pension due for the husband or wife without limits, and combines those pensions with any other pension according to priorities without limits, which is what It applies to persons with disabilities who are entitled to children with disabilities, as they can combine the pensions due from their parents without limits, and combine those pensions with any other pension according to priorities without limits.

As for the children, they can combine the pensions due from their parents without limits, and the insured person also combines the injury pension and unemployment compensation without limits.

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