The Perfumery Division expected an increase in the price of the next Ramadan Yamish

Ramadan yamish is one of the customs and manifestations of welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, and yameesh is all kinds of nuts such as walnuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, and a group of dried fruits such as raisins, dried apricots, Qamar al-Din, arrowroot and dried figs. Egyptians are keen to buy Ramadan yamesh to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of their families.

The Perfumery Division expected an increase in the price of yamish next Ramadan


The Perfumery Division expects the prices of Yamish Ramadan to rise:

Magdy Tawfik, Deputy Head of the Perfumery Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, stated that he expects the price of Yamish Ramadan to increase by 15% this year, due to the high costs of shipping goods.

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Statements of (Magdi Tawfiq), Deputy Head of the Perfumery Division:

Magdy Tawfik stated that Egypt imported Yamish Ramadan with about 50 million US dollars, as Egypt imported an amount sufficient for the needs of Egyptians of nuts throughout the current year, and he also mentioned that the price of shipping goods increased during the Corona pandemic crisis because the trade movement had stopped Because of the pandemic, those prices have risen again two months ago.

Magdy Tawfiq added that the merchants of the spices have now begun to prepare to receive the blessed month of Ramadan by displaying the Ramadan Yamish in their stores. This is because they fear the delay in their arrival, as often happens after the Corona virus pandemic, due to the stagnation of global trade and navigation.

Perfumery stores offer Ramadan Yamish

He noted that Egypt is importing Ramadan yams from several countries, namely Syria, Turkey, Iran, North America, as well as China. He also stated that he expects the demand for Ramadan yams to rise more this year than last year, due to the Egyptians coexisting with the Corona virus crisis and their desire to receive Ramadan with joy.

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