The Pope talks about Rayan’s tragedy.. “Thank you to the people of Morocco”

Pope Francis, during his speech in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, praised Moroccans’ keenness to save the life of 5-year-old Rayan, until his death was confirmed.

The Pope of the Catholic Church described the Moroccans’ keenness to save Hayyan’s life as “beautiful”, given that people are accustomed to reading news of tragic accidents in the media.

Pope Francis said it was nice to see the entire people of Morocco sticking together to save the baby Ryan.

Pope Francis thanked the Moroccan people for the solidarity they showed in the incident, which aroused wide interest in the world.

great sadness

Sorrow and great sadness descended on social media after the Moroccan Royal Court announced the death of the child Rayan, who passed away after falling into the well, after hundreds of thousands of viewers pinned their hopes that the child was still alive.

Attempts to save the child Rayan began at the beginning of the crisis, through the disembarkation of people practicing what is known as Istighwar, but the narrow diameter of the well prevented them from reaching the stranded child.

The child fell to a depth of more than 30 meters, while the volunteers could not descend more than 20 meters, and because of this stumble, rescue efforts focused on an alternative plan.

According to the approved plan, the rescue teams built a large hole parallel to the place where the child Ryan fell, and upon reaching the depth in which it is located, a horizontal excavation was started.

On Tuesday, Rayan fell into a deep well in a village in the Chefchaouen province in northern Morocco. Then, on Thursday, videos spread, showing him still moving slightly, which raised high hopes that he would be released while he was still alive.

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