The tragedy of the child Rayan alerts the Moroccan authorities to the dangers of abandoned wells

Rabat (Hespress website) – 07/02/2022. 21:47

After the tragedy of the child Rayan.. Morocco is moving to close the abandoned wells

  • Meetings to launch a public campaign to fill open wells
  • It does not have an accurate statistical study regarding the number of worn-out conventional wells

After the tragic incident of the child Rayan, the Moroccan authorities began in a number of urban and rural areas to survey the abandoned wells after the incident, in order to ensure the safety of passers-by, given the large spread of worn-out traditional wells, which are no longer usable in many mountain douars,

He gave a newspaper reportHespress» The Moroccan electronic that, according to the data, the local authorities held urgent meetings with a group of regions and prefectures during the past days, in order to launch a public campaign to fill in open wells, and to cover random drilling and worn out ponds.

The newspaper pointed out that the state does not have an accurate statistical study regarding the number of worn-out traditional wells, in light of the growing “thirst crisis” in many mountainous regions, but this does not prevent the authorities from interfering in order to curb the phenomenon.

Tightening the delivery of licenses

The “Rayan incident” in Chefchaouen once again shed light on the reality of digging random wells and water holes in rural areas, given the danger it poses to the safety and security of people on the one hand, and the environmental challenge it poses on the other hand.

The Moroccan authorities are also heading to tighten legal procedures, regarding the issuance of licenses for drilling wells and completing water holes, as various legal procedures will be applied to monitor the recorded violations.

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