The Tunisian Minister of Justice announces a temporary council to replace the Supreme Judicial Council

Tunisia (Tunisian presidency) 02/10/2022 00:39

The Tunisian president adheres to the Supreme Council of the Judiciary

The Minister of Justice said Tunisian Lili Jaffal, on Wednesday, that the President of the Republic, Qais Saeed, stressed during her meeting with him the need to preserve the Supreme Judicial Council as a constitutional institution guarantor of the independence of the judiciary while reviewing the law regulating it.

During an interview with Al-Wataniya Channel 1, she explained that during the review period, a temporary council will be assigned to organize urgent matters until the Supreme Judicial Council is re-established with its new law.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Tunisian presidency reported that Said was received at the Carthage Palace, Jafal.

She added chair After the meeting, the Minister said that the President of the Republic adhered to the Supreme Judicial Council and affirmed his keenness to review the law regulating the Council in a way that guarantees the rights of judges and helps them exercise their duties in the best way, and in a manner that enables litigants to fully enjoy their rights.

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