The Ukrainian crisis .. Japan supports Europe with gas in the face of fears of disruption of Russian supplies

Japan France 24 02/09/2022 22:30

Ukraine crisis.. Japan takes a preemptive step to disrupt gas supplies in Europe

  • The prospects of an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis raise fears of the suspension of Russian gas shipments to Europe
  • The French President obtained from his Russian counterpart the assurance of “there will be no deterioration or escalation” in the Ukrainian crisis

Japan has confirmed that it will supply Europe with some of its liquefied natural gas imports, in a preemptive move to disrupt the region’s supplies of Russian gas if the Ukrainian crisis escalates.

And fuels the possibility of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine fears of suspension of Russian gas shipments to Europe in the event of Western countries imposing sanctions against Moscow.

In anticipation of disruptions to the region’s supply of aFor Russian gas if tension escalates over the Ukrainian crisis, Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Koichi Hagiuda said his country would provide Europe with some of its liquefied natural gas imports.

Hagiuda told reporters in Tokyo that many of the oil ships that were supposed to transport LNG to Japan have already headed to Europe and are expected to arrive this month and other tankers will follow suit in March.

And feeds the possibility of exacerbation Ukrainian crisis Fears of suspending Russian gas shipments to Europe in the event that Western countries take punitive measures against Moscow.

For his part, the French President stressed the possibility of moving forward towards reducing the tension between these two countries after his visit to Moscow and Kiev, noting that he had obtained from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin the assurance that “there is no deterioration or escalation” in the crisis between Russia and the West over Ukraine.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz assured Washington that the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which connects Russia with Germany directly through the Baltic Sea, will not be operational if Russia invades Ukraine.

Although the minister did not specify the quantities that will be supplied and sold in Europe at market prices, he pointed out that the importance of these deliveries is due to the fact that they are conditioned on first supplying Japan with enough liquefied natural gas.

The Japanese archipelago is one of the world’s largest importers of liquefied natural gas, relying on it to ensure electricity generation, factories and heating in winter.

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